9 Unique and Eye-Catching Bed Designs

Who says bedrooms have to be boring? With so many different bed designs out there, you can create a bedroom that’s both stylish and comfortable. From four-poster beds to floating beds, these nine incredible bed design are sure to catch your eye.

Unique Bed Designs ideas to consider

Four Poster Bed

Nothing says sophistication like a four-poster bed! These beds typically feature intricate carvings or other decorative elements on each of the four posts, giving them an old-world charm that will elevate any bedroom.

Floating Bed

Why not try a floating bed if you’re looking for something more modern and minimalistic? These beds don’t touch the ground at all. They’re suspended in the air by sturdy cords or chains. Not only do they look great, but they also come with the added bonus of making it easier to vacuum under the bed!

Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is perfect if you’re short on space but still want plenty of style in your bedroom. When not in use, this type of bed folds up into a cabinet against the wall, freeing up valuable floor space during the day.

Platform Bed

If you’re looking for something simple yet eye-catching, then a platform bed might be right up your alley. These beds are raised off the ground by several inches and feature slatted bases that allow air to circulate beneath them more easily than traditional box spring mattresses.

Loft Bed

This type of bed is ideal for small spaces or kids’ rooms as it combines sleeping quarters with storage and/or workspace underneath it. A lofted bed can help make any room feel bigger by taking advantage of unused vertical space!

Canopy Bed

For those who want an extra touch of luxury in their bedroom, there’s nothing quite like a canopy bed! These beds usually feature curtains draped around their sides and headboards, creating a cozy spot where you can curl up with your favorite book or movie while still enjoying plenty of natural light during the day!

Storage Bed

Storage beds are great for anyone who needs extra space for storing items like sheets and blankets without compromising style points – most storage beds come with drawers built into their frames, so you can have your sleep sanctuary neat and organized in no time at all!

Upholstered Bed

Upholstered beds take comfort to another level – these beds are covered with fabric that makes them look super plush and inviting (not to mention stylish!). Whether you choose leather or velvet fabric will depend on which look fits best with your existing decor scheme!

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are perfect for tight spaces – they stack two twin-sized mattresses one atop the other while occupying only half as much floor space as two regular twin-sized beds would require! Plus, bunking up is just plain fun – what kid wouldn’t love having their own little fortress in their room?


Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or elegant and classic, these nine incredible bed designs are sure to add some serious style points (and maybe even some extra comfort) to any bedroom! So don’t settle for just any old boring mattress – check out some of these amazing alternatives instead! You won’t regret it!



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