All About A6 Binder

It’s a personal size paper sheet so its technical name is “A6”. If you cut an A5 paper in half. It is significantly smaller than the standard size, but it is very convenient to carry. Binder means the collection of A6 size papers binder to serve as a notebook for various purposes.


Here we have summed up some different types of a6 binder materials, have a look at them below!


Paper stock binders are covered with foam for long-lasting impact. Paper stock binders are the best option for printing full color pictures and designs. Customization can be possible in paper stock material.


Vinyl binders are mainly used for long term storage of documents. They are also called view binders.


Poly- materials are used to resist dirt and water, they are water proof & dust proof and are flexible to use. They are useful for outdoor use.


Leather material for A6 binders are mostly used by professional individuals, as they look more sophisticated and look good on a table.


Turned edge binders are useful for school going students as it looks more like a book, they are also durable and resistant from wear and tear.


Yes a6 binder paper styles has come up in different variants:

No Pockets

No pocket binders are standard type style which has no pockets means that it only has a cover and the three bindings inside. This is the best choice for interior designers. You can decorate the interior with digital printing.

One Pocket

One pocket binder means that this binder has only one pocket for your documents; it is an additional space in the binder either on the left side or on the right side. In the pocket you can add your information, a company logo or you can place your business card in it.

Two pockets

Two pockets option means that if you are confused between which side you have to put your card or information, you can opt for two sided pocket style. Which is convenient and with extra space.

Vertical pocket

Vertical pocket style looks more presentable and stylish with additional storage to add or print information on it.

Portfolio flap

To increase the additional security on a binder, a portfolio flap is mainly used to cover the binder closely.


A window style die cut is used for adding recipient information, this type of binder is very convenient to use.

CD Pocket

CD type pocket style is very user friendly. This extra space is for CD or any digital gadget to place on. This is a complete package.


Reinforced binders have sharp edges to protect it from dirt and weather protection.


In conclusion, this is not the end of the list, there are many more types and styles present in the globe to meet the customer’s needs whether it’s for school going students, college level binder or a professional binder. It is convenient for all type of people. In short there are unlimited options available.



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